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Weave GitOps Enterprise

Weave GitOps Enterprise is a continuous operations product that makes it easy to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and applications at scale in any environment.  

Weave GitOps Enterprise
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In a nutshell

  • Cluster Fleet Management: Deploy the same application into many different clusters even across cloud and hybrid environments, allowing change deployments across the fleet via Git and Cluster API.
  • Application Management: Understand and manage application lifecycle in a GitOps enabled cluster. Immediately detect drift and evaluate cluster health, even inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations.

Why we love it

  • Liquid Metal on Equinix Metal: Provision hybrid virtualized and baremetal kubernetes clusters on Equinix Metal through the included liquid metal provider. Combine the performance of bare metal hosts with the flexibility of micro-vms and kubernetes native cluster API provisioning and lifecycle management to realize cost effective and rapidly available production grade clusters.
  • Continuous Application Delivery: Deploy containerized applications to any managed cluster with a simple Pull Request (PR). Automate the deployment of new versions through a CD pipeline from a developers machine through to production. Use Progressive Delivery to safely deploy new versions and automatically revert bad deployments.
  • Enterprise GitOps for any cluster: Add GitOps management of workloads and cluster configuration as well as standard cluster components to your existing Kubernetes clusters. This enables Weave GitOps to work across multi-cloud environments with support for GitOps across any public cloud implementation of Kubernetes as well as on-premise installations.
  • Cluster Lifecycle Management: Manage Equinix Metal bare metal kubernetes hosts through the native cluster API provider. With GitOps at the heart of any operational model, easily manage and upgrade critical cluster extensions with zero downtime. Simplify cluster configuration management including security patches and cluster extension updates to create secure and reproducible cluster fleets across multiple environments.
  • Trusted Application Delivery: Adding policy as code to GitOps pipelines, guarantees security compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. The addition of OPA (open policy agent) and Rego language ensures that security checks are completed before deployment; in addition to runtime drift detection and automatic remediation through GitOps.
Weave GitOps Enterprise is a continuous operations product that makes it easy to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and applications. Weave GitOps makes it easy for DevOps engineers to self serve their cluster management requirements while staying within corporate requirements.
Utilizing multiple Kubernetes clusters from multiple cloud providers, in your data centre and at the edge is the normal for many organizations. Managing such a disparate set of resources can be challenging. See how Weave GitOps manages any Kubernetes anywhere with one simple dashboard.

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