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Canonical Kubernetes

Streamline container orchestration with a Kubernetes distro built on Ubuntu with optimal price-performance in mind.

Canonical Kubernetes
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In a nutshell

  • Ubuntu is the reference platform for Kubernetes on all major public clouds
  • Canonical Kubernetes is built on Ubuntu and combines security with optimal price-performance. Our cloud native automation framework ensures developer productivity and business innovation
  • From Public, Private or Multi Cloud solutions, Canonical guarantees long-term cost & performance optimisations. Tailor K8s to your business, build affordable clusters, and connect them across environments. Out-of-the-box cloud integration with the option of enterprise-grade commercial support and in-cloud Ubuntu package mirrors for high bandwidth and local updates

Why we love it

  • The combination of Equinix Metal’s global interconnected infrastructure and Canonical Kubernetes creates a future-proof and cost-effective Kubernetes platform for companies looking to further their cloud native journey
  • Equinix Metal handles the deployment, and management of the bare metal machines running your Canonical Kubernetes cluster
  • Canonical Kubernetes, using the Equinix Metal Canonical Juju provider handles the provisioning and management of your Canonical Kubernetes clusters.
Canonical Kubernetes is a highly available and composable Kubernetes. Charmed Operators manage the lifecycle and integrations of the individual components allowing for flexible architectures and large infrastructure compatibility.
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