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IBM Cloud Satellite

Deploy and run apps on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge with an extension of the IBM Public Cloud in any data center.

IBM Cloud Satellite
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In a nutshell

IBM Cloud Satellite on Equinix Metal™ provides the flexibility and agility of public cloud services with the control, privacy, performance, and proximity of on-prem infrastructure. When coupled with Equinix Fabric™ and Network Edge, it simplifies how you deploy applications across distributed edge locations and privately interconnected cloud platforms, while managed as a single, secure, and high performing global platform.

Why we love it

  • Increase your efficiency and reduce your capital expenditures with Equinix® and IBM® services offered in a flexible consumption model, giving you dedicated, automated colocation deployed in minutes wherever you need it across the globe.
  • Accelerate your IoT and 5G outcomes with the software defined foundation of Red Hat® OpenShift®, IBM Cloud® Satellite and Equinix Metal for faster time to market.
  •  Integrate your hybrid multi-cloud environment to meet cross corporate requirements for ease of IT management.
  •  Move your data where and when you need it most to boost productivity and performance, while improving your commercial cost structures.
  •  Extend your data security and monitoring capabilities across tools and platforms.

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