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Joyent Triton

Manage containers and VMs in a unified manner in one or more data centers with user and operator portals and rich APIs.

Joyent Triton
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In a nutshell

Triton DataCenter (formerly “Triton Enterprise”, “SDC” or “SmartDataCenter”) is a complete cloud management solution for server and network virtualization, operations management, and customer self-service. It is the software that runs Triton Compute Service and can be used to power private and hybrid clouds on customer premises.

Why we love it

  • Triton provides unified management of containers and VMs with user and operator portals, rich APIs, and built-in features of monitoring, networking, storage, and security.
  • Triton Elastic Bare Metal delivers the performance of bare metal containers combined with the elasticity of virtualized infrastructure.
A Unified Approach to VMs and Containers

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