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Big Network on Equinix Metal

Connect your Cloud to Anything, Anywhere: Create secure Cloud Networks to seamlessly connect your public and private clouds to on-premise infrastructure, devices, and individuals.  

Big Network on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • Big Network on Equinix Metal allows you to seamlessly expand the networks of  popular Cloud Providers’ networks into Equinix Metal, Equinix Network Edge, and Equinix Colocation. Connect your on-premise, hosted, and cloud infrastructure over a secure, private, self-optimized SDWAN to improve performance and reduce complexity.
  • Privately transmit  VLAN and IP traffic across the global Internet, without the complexity of IPSEC-based solutions and the cost associated with static IP addresses. Traverse NAT and CGNAT without requiring special configuration, and treat your bare metal infrastructure as a distributed, private, and homogenous cloud to accelerate deployment and simplify operations.

Why we love it

  • Seamless Delivery of Big Network as-a-Service: Big Network is delivered “as-a-service” across your infrastructure. Our global network orchestrator manages network design, deployment, and monitoring, ensuring a straightforward and rapid deployment  deployment.
  • Create Private and Secure Software-Defined LANs: Design custom Cloud Networks across the global Internet to establish private and secure software-defined LANs exclusively for your use. Imagine it as a private slice of the Internet, just for you.
  • Bridge Cloud and On-Premise Resources with Edge Virtual: Use Edge Virtual to create Cloud Network gateways on Equinix Metal, allowing you to seamlessly bridge to cloud-based resources or on-premises Equinix Colocation. 
  • Enable High Availability Cloud Network Access: Use Edge Lite and Edge Pro at your headquarters, branches, and remote offices to provide high availability access to Cloud Network for your teams.
  • Achieve Network Harmony Across Multiple Environments: Harmonize your network across Cloud, Metal, Colocation, and on-premise, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Extend your ESXi Footprint from On-Premise Infrastructure to Equinix Digital Services with Big Network Edge Pro and Edge Virtual. Extend Ethernet, VLAN, and IP networks as though they are colocated together using simple Internet connectivity.

Connect VMware ESXi using Cloud Managed and Orchestrated bare metal servers from Equinix Metal and SD-WAN networking from Big Network.
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