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Direktiv on Equinix Metal

Consolidate and simplify the multi-cloud enterprise, DevOps CI/CD and IT Operations using event-driven orchestration  

Direktiv on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell…

  • Direktiv is an orchestration engine solution, an infrastructure automation solution and an integration platform - all in one. Direktiv removes the complexity of managing scaling, availability and underlying administrative tasks of legacy orchestration platforms.  It supports complex business workflows or simple scheduled tasks,  without the need to re-skill or re-code your IT organization's DevOps.
  • Direktiv drives down cost by reusing your technology, processes and people. Direktiv is unique in its ability to empower your teams to use any language, their current CI/CD platform and their current skills to develop and expand on the Direktiv footprint.

Why we love it?

  • Serverless code execution: Direktiv executes your custom code and integration scripts as serverless orchestration policies. Code in your preferred language, synchronize with Direktiv and execute it as part of an orchestration policy all from the Direktiv API.
  • Event-driven orchestration: consume and act on events from your Equinix Metal environment, your applications, other cloud platforms and custom applications into a single orchestration engine using well-defined and maintained Knative eventing source and Equinix eventing source!
  • Observe, report and control: using Direktiv’s observability, tracing and logging–consolidate your serverless code execution, container execution logs and orchestration flow output into your preferred reporting solutions (such as Grafana, Splunk, Elastic and others). For enterprise integration use Direktiv’s authentication, authorization and policy control to enforce strict control over orchestration policy execution.
  • Vendor and cloud agnostic: consolidate your multiple cloud platforms and software platform integrations and operations into a simple and consistent solution. Direktiv does not care where it runs–or what it interacts with. 
  • Scalability without the overhead: Direktiv leverages the underlying capabilities of Kubernetes and Knative to scale orchestration policies and ensure availability–without the need for administrators and developers to manage YET another complex Kubernetes deployment! Direktiv in Equinix Metal has been tested and verified for performance and throughput!

Deploying Direktiv on Equinix bare-metal components allows organizations to integrate their multi-cloud and application services into a single orchestration and workflow engine. Sources for all the major cloud providers (including Equinix) are provided as consumable and configurable extensions.
Using Direktiv’s drag-and-drop interface or YAML builder, engineers and developers can create and visualize the orchestration policies structure and execution. The example illustrates how a Kubernetes environment is provisioned on an Equinix bare-metal platform using serverless Python code and Equinix Ansible playbooks.
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