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Access a super-fast, geo-distributed database with hybrid SQL & NoSQL functionality, integrated serverless functions, and built-in HTTP API.

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In a nutshell

  • HarperDB is a geo-distributed database with hybrid SQL & NoSQL functionality in one powerful tool, accessed via a REST API.
  • HarperDB on Equinix Metal allows customers to leverage global edge persistence, hybrid and multi-cloud data fabric, and a database built for distributed applications while leveraging best-in-class automation, network management and infrastructure operations from Equinix

Why we love it

  • Reduce application latency by moving your data and application code closer to end users, resulting in an improved user experience and a more reliable solution.
  • Combining HarperDB’s peer-to-peer replication with Equinix’s global interconnected infrastructure makes global edge persistence lightning fast.
  • Customers can run a single HarperDB cluster across Equinix-Metal and multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud use cases reducing cloud cost and allowing for highly portable applications.  
  • HarperDB can be deployed on Equinix Metal in minutes. 
  • HarperDB Custom Functions bring serverless API functionality directly to your edge, collapsing the stack and simplifying application development

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