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Leverage a simple, affordable and trusted cloud object storage platform to build applications, workloads and services in the cloud.

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In a nutshell

  • The Backblaze & Equinix Metal partnership offers developers the ability to seamlessly connect their stored data in B2 Cloud Storage with Equinix’s leading compute and networking services. 
  • With a focus on ease and flexibility, the paired services enable provisioning origin storage and transcoding files, deploying applications and storing application data, disaster recovery automation & any other workload that requires storage in the cloud.

Why we love it

  • Backblaze has directly connected B2 Cloud Storage with the compute servers of Equinix Metal, thereby allowing near-instant (< 10 ms) data transfers between services (applicable to SJC or AMS regions).
  • There are no egress fees to move the data to Equinix Metal.
  • Run the application with Equinix Metal and store application generated data in B2 Cloud Storage.
  • You’ll save more than 50% off of the equivalent set of services from AWS.

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