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Google Anthos

Get consistent developer and ops experience in the cloud and on-prem with a modern application management platform.

Google Anthos
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In a nutshell

  • Anthos is Google's hybrid cloud solution based on fully managed open-source technologies that contain multiple services aligned with the themes of application modernization, cloud migration, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud management. Its modern application management platform provides a consistent development and operations experience for hybrid cloud.
  • Anthos uses Kubernetes installations where you will deploy your applications, bundling upstream Kubernetes releases, and providing management capabilities for creating, scaling, and upgrading conformant Kubernetes clusters. With Kubernetes running with Anthos, there's a common orchestration layer that manages application deployment, configuration, upgrade, and scaling.

Why we love it

  • The combination of Google’s battle hardened Kubernetes experience with Equinix Metal’s bare metal server range provides a perfect combination of flexibility and control for your Kubernetes based applications either via VMware ESXi or directly on the bare metal
  • Keep the Google control plane you’ve built into your business while expanding your application’s reach to the edge with Equinix Metal’s global Metro DC footprint
  • Take advantage of Equinix Fabric to make sure your Google Cloud Platform to Equinix Metal intercluster traffic is secure, low latency, low jitter, and price predictable.
Deploy Anthos [ABM] on Equinix Metal, with your operating system of choice.
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