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Dell PowerEdge Servers on Equinix Metal

Deploy high-performance applications on automated and managed bare-metal compute and storage by Dell Technologies.

Dell PowerEdge Servers on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

Dell PowerEdge Servers on Equinix Metal allows Dell Technologies customers to rapidly scale across multiple locations. Hardware is deployed and operated by Equinix, providing users with access to global markets and carrier-grade, low-latency networks.

Why we love it

  • Deploy and leverage Dell hardware globally as an automated, managed service on Equinix Metal™. Designed for service providers and enterprises, this solution pairs the trusted performance of Dell hardware with Equinix’s cloud automation and global reach. All delivered in a scalable OPEX-based model.
  • Full access to servers with cloud-based automation so you can focus on your applications without having to worry about underlying server provisioning and hardware maintenance.
Dell PowerEdge Servers on Equinix Metal helps digitally-enabled businesses move faster without sacrificing performance or necessitating a rework of existing architectures.
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