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Eliminate engineering toil and unify all data silos with a low-cost, high-scale, and real-time log management observability and analytics platform for modern IT  teams.

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In a nutshell

  • The EraSearch platform collects, indexes, and analyzes log data from cloud environments, containerized applications, and microservices, allowing enterprise IT - DevOps, platform, SRE, infrastructure, and application teams - to observe and deliver cloud services faster and 90% cheaper.
  • EraSearch is built on the transformative EraDB database architecture. It is an essential tool for enterprise teams who need a high-performing log management platform optimized for a massive volume of logs at an affordable cost.

Why we love it

  • Log everything affordably with best-in-class performance and compression from EraDB object-based architecture.
  • Eliminate engineering toil of maintaining home-grown logging tools – with EraSearch, your data is always in the right storage tier.
  • With EraSearch’s Kubernetes-based architecture, focus on scaling your cloud service without exponential costs or performance impact
  • Analyze massive volumes of log data in real time with extremely fast EraSearch queries.
  • Resolve production issues faster with immediate access to volumes of log data upon ingestion. 
  • Observe long-term trends with easy access to 12+ months of log data stored in durable object store
High-Performance Interconnected Storage at the Edge of the Cloud
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