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Key features

Specialized capabilities that give your developers what they need

Bare Metal aaS

Provision bare metal servers on demand. Select from a list of hardware configuration options, including Intel, AMD and Arm CPUs, Nvidia GPUs and NVMe drives. Select your preferred OS. Automate hardware provisioning and deprovisioning via an API.


Full Access to Infrastructure Primitives

A global cloud that doesn’t have an opinion, giving you full access to high-quality primitives so you can configure your infrastructure the way you need it while keeping it elastic. 


Unparalleled Networking

Use the software-defined Equinix Fabric to connect directly to any major cloud provider, carrier, partner or customer over a secure and reliable private link, anywhere in the world. Use a high-quality Equinix internet circuit or create your own solution. Use IPv4 addresses through Equinix’s Global Anycast IP service at low egress fees.


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