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Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal

Run applications on a single platform atop hyperconverged infrastructure on-prem, at the edge, or in a public cloud.

Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal is a hybrid multi-cloud platform that spans private and multiple public clouds with a unified management plane, complete license portability and seamless application migration across multiple cloud environments that enables complete freedom to run applications on any platform with unified infrastructure management across private and multiple public clouds.

Why we love it

  • A true hybrid multi-cloud architecture between Nutanix private cloud and multiple public clouds and Equinix with built-in networking that allows seamless application mobility
  • Unified infrastructure management and operations across private and multiple public clouds.
  • Run any Nutanix product and service on Equinix Metal, just like on-premises
  • License portability across clouds empowers businesses to use their existing investments in any supported cloud
  • Address public cloud skills and knowledge gap with an educational program that trains IT professionals with a course on building and operating a Hybrid Cloud
Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal combines the proven benefits of Nutanix HCI with the low-latency, bare-metal-as-a-service benefits of Equinix Metal to deliver complete deployment flexibility, infrastructure elasticity, and global reach—backed by industry-leading customer support from Equinix and Nutanix.
Cloud adjacent applications can significantly reduce cost per IOPS as much as 80%. With Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal, you can move your VMs, files, and data among on-premises datacenters and cloud environments without re-architecting or re-factoring to deliver optimal latency and performance anywhere in the world.
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