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Network Edge Pricing

Managing your virtual devices from anywhere is no easy task. But we've done our best to create a simple, transparent understanding of how it works. Network Edge pricing consists of three ingredients:

Pricing examples

Scenario A

Let’s say you want to grab a virtual network device to support your SD-WAN deployment. If you’re bringing your own license, you’ll simply need to size your Network Edge instance and choose a Fabric VC speed (from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps). Simple! Want to add more bandwidth? No problem.

Scenario B

A customer needs to setup BYOC (Remote Fabric port connection) for an NSP circuit to a Network Edge router. Pricing here would be the Fabric port (MRC - Monthly Recurring Charge and NRC - Non Recurring Charge), and VC to the router. In addition the router passes this data to a Network Edge firewall - which has 3 connections to two different clouds and a VC to ServiceNow.

Scenario C

Dual SD-WAN devices in 3 different metros. Each SD-WAN device is connected to the same cloud for failover. And all six SD-WAN devices are connected with a Device Link group.

  • Sign up for your Fabric account to access your 14 day no obligation trial. What this trial enables you to do: Select and deploy up to two fully functioning 2 small single devices (or 1 redundant pair, or 1 cluster device are supported). Deploy devices in any metro locations where Network Edge is supported. Use SSH or Web-based Console to customize your devices at the CLI level. Up to 4 Virtual Connections are available to interconnect devices (Device Link) and/or Cloud destinations. Try out other services such as VPN, tunnels or BGP. Pass traffic directly between clouds or back to your remote environments. Upload or download data securely from the cloud. Bring Your Own Connection (BYOC) is not available for the trial.

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