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Devices on Single VLAN and Equinix Metal IPs

Networking Architecture (Scenario 9) - Examining network setups with devices linked on a shared layer 2 VLAN and others using standard Equinix Metal networking.

Devices on Single VLAN and Equinix Metal IPs

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In this scenario:

  • No devices are connected to the Internet
  • There are no Internet connections
  • Devices within a VLAN communicate with each other on a shared Layer 2 VLAN, and to other devices using Equinix Metal networking
  • Devices use private IPs allocated to you by Equinix Metal
  • Devices are in a single metro or in multiple metros

You have one VLAN. Some of your devices are on one the VLAN, and can communicate at Layer 2 with each other, while other devices are deployed with regular Equinix Metal private IP addresses. Optionally, those regular devices also have Equinix Metal public IP addresses.

Devices within the VLAN receive no private or public IP addresses directly from Equinix Metal, but you are assigned a range of private IPs that you assign to the devices. Other devices receive private and optionally public IP addresses directly from Equinix Metal.

General layout

Since all of the devices have private IPs provided by Equinix Metal, whether in the VLAN, where the range is provided and you assign the IPs to the devices, or in the regular Equinix Metal networking, where the IPs are assigned by Equinix Metal, and because the VLAN devices are connected to a Metal Gateway, all of the devices can communicate directly using private IPs.


  1. Create the VLANs.
  2. Create a Metal Gateway, assigning it the VLAN ID, and the size of the private IP block you wish to create for the VLAN.
  3. Create as many devices as you desire, without a public or private IP address but connected to the VLAN.
  4. For each device in the VLAN, retrieve the port ID for the network port, and assign that network port to the VLAN.
  5. On each device in the VLAN:
    1. Assign an IP address of your choosing from the private IP range from the Gateway.
    2. Set the default route of the device to the private IP of the Gateway; this normally is the first available address in the range.
  6. Create as many non-VLAN, i.e. regular, devices as you desire, assigning each a private and optionally a public IP from Equinix Metal.

As the VLAN has a Metal Gateway, and the devices have Equinix Metal-assigned private IPs, traffic between devices in the VLAN to regularly networked devices will be routed correctly.

Multiple Metros

Devices within the VLAN have access to the Equinix Metal network due to the connection of the Metal Gateway, while the devices not in the VLAN all have Equinix Metal-provided private IPs. Therefore, all of them can communicate with each other across metros via Backend Transfer.

Inter-metro Backend Transfer

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15 May, 2024



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