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Internal Network Only with no Internet Access

Networking Architecture (Scenario 2) - Exploring network configurations where every device is connected to each other but not to the Internet

Internal Network Only with no Internet Access

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In this scenario:

  • Devices are not connected to the Internet
  • There are no Internet connections
  • Devices communicate with each other via standard Equinix Metal networking
  • Devices use private IPs allocated by Equinix Metal
  • Devices may be all in one metro or in multiple metros

Each and every device receives only a private IPv4 address. Each device is on its own private subnet, to which just the device and its upstream router are connected.

General layout

Without a public address, the device cannot communicate with the Internet, but it and can communicate with other devices in the same project using its private address or the public address.


The private addresses are provided and managed by Equinix Metal.

Multiple Metros

If you wish to deploy devices in multiple metros while enabling communications between them, you cannot communicate over the Internet, with or without a VPN, as the devices have no Internet connectivity.

Your sole option is to enable Backend Transfer.

Backend Transfer

Last updated

03 June, 2024



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