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High-performance, software-defined object storage for large scale data infrastructure running AI/ML and advanced analytics workloads. Runs on any hardware and any cloud.  

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In a nutshell

  • Create high performance, S3-compatible object storage on any cloud, any Kubernetes distribution and any bare metal setup. 
  • Build exabyte-scale data infrastructure that delivers performance at scale - reaching TB/s throughput while also delivering the IOPS performance for AI/ML workloads.  

Why we love it

  • MinIO is remarkably simple. The entire binary is less than <100MB and it scales from GBs to EBs easily. Restarts are instantaneous and simultaneous and overall management generally consumes a fraction of the resources than traditional data infrastructure.
  • MinIO is cloud-native and was born in the age of containerization and orchestration. Built for automation, APIs and lambda compute - MinIO works seamlessly with the entire cloud-native ecosystem. 
  • MinIO is the fastest object store in production with dozens of repeatable benchmarks. Speed isn’t a vanity metric - it allows the enterprise to run more workloads from performance oriented analytics to small object intensive archival. 
  • MinIO is AI-ready. Built for the challenging combination of performance at scale, MinIO is built into core technologies such as Kubeflow, vector databases and other foundation software components. It works out of the box with the full range of open table formats, foundational models and the rest of the AI ecosystem.  
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