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Bare Metal

Increase performance by 40%

Eliminate the overhead of virtualization and the impact of noisy neighbors with single tenant infrastructure.


Single tenant

Spread out and relax with 100% isolated bare metal that can be fully utilized by your workload without any virtualization overhead or noisy neighbors.

Modern hardware

Our Standard Gen3 lineup features the latest Intel, AMD, and Ampere configs that are curated for common workloads, pre-deployed globally, and ready to consume on-demand in minutes.

Workload optimized configs

Enjoy the benefits of full automation, but with hardware that is optimized for high-memory, storage-heavy, or GPU use cases. Available globally with a 12-month commitment.

Mellanox and Intel NICs

Our configs feature the latest NICs from Mellanox and Intel (in 2 x 10Gbps, 2 x 25Gbps or 4 x 25Gbps options) providing massive throughput as well as direct access to advanced features like DPDK & VPP.

SGX and SEV capable

Leverage Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) or AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to provide hardware-level security for sensitive workloads.



Interact programmatically with all aspects of our platform using conventional HTTP requests. Whatever you can do via our portal, you can also do via our API!

60–second deploys

A single server? A full Kubernetes cluster? No sweat! We've reduced most installs to under 60 seconds, so you can tap into bare metal at software speed.

Metadata & Cloud-init support

Our metadata service allows you to provide user data during provisioning time to customize your server during the boot process.

Operating systems

We support a wide range of common Linux operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, as well as licensed options like Windows Server.

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Serial over SSH (SOS)

Get into trouble and need to access your machine? Leverage our out of band access method – you’ll just need a root password and valid SSH key.

Deploy without Public IP

Don’t want to expose each of your servers to the public internet? Deploy any server without public IP addresses.


Native API libraries

Consume our API with client libraries in popular languages like Golang, Ruby, Python, Java and PHP.

DevOps integrations

From Terraform to Crossplane, we're the most integrated bare metal platform on the market. Let us know!

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Official CLI

The Equinix Metal CLI wraps our Golang SDK, allowing interaction with the Equinix Metal platform from an intuitive and powerful command-line interface.

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We work closely with the Kubernetes community to ensure a 1st class experience on Equinix Metal, including official Cluster API, Cloud Controller Manager (CCM) and Cluster Autoscaler support.

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  • Customers can deploy on-demand with a minimum usage block of one hour. We also offer a reserved hardware model, which unlocks discounts of 5-40% based upon term length, and a dynamic spot market for revocable resources.Read moreabout our options.

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