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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America

The Equinix team will be in Chicago for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2023!  

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America

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Join us at Booth B18 and learn how to maximize performance from your dedicated hardware. We'll have demos by our experts showcasing our Native API integrations, first-class Kubernetes support, high performance and high availability for network focused workloads, and other DevOps integrations.

Plus, we'll be handing out copies of the beloved Cloud Native Community Cookbook, postcards, scarves, and stickers. Ask about how to enter our raffles for bigger ticket swag like Fault Finder, Lego kits, and our custom data center building blocks. 

The Power of Hardware Contributions 

You may be asking yourself “what is Equinix doing at a CNCF event?”, the short answer is we love open source and kubernetes. The longer answer is while Equinix developers have used and contributed to many important open source software projects, one of our biggest and most impactful contributions is not software at all.

With Equinix Metal now in 26 of Equinix’s 71 global metro locations (and 5 more coming soon), our single-tenant cloud business sure has a lot of hardware. Our unique way of supporting open source is providing compute and network infrastructure through our Open Source Partner Program (OSPP). The program started in 2017 with a monthly donation of $25,000, which tripled in 2020. It has continued to evolve, and maintainers of more than 100 open source projects now regularly spin up powerful bare metal servers around the world for free to run their builds, tests, CI/CD, proofs of concept, workshops and much, much more.

Some of the critical projects the program supports are NTP Pool, which uses Equinix Metal server clusters to provide highly accurate time, and, whose underlying CDN runs on our infrastructure, acting as the main distribution system for Linux kernel source code. Alpine Linux and Flatcar Linux, whose build tests require access to the underlying hardware on multiple architectures, use Equinix’s cloud for those purposes.

Any organization, regardless of its core expertise, can find its way to contribute to the open source community and drive innovation!

Booth Activities 

Fireside Chat Schedule 

Nov 7, 11:00

Angel Ramirez Cuemby

Nov 7, 13:00

Brad Topol


Nov 7, 14:00

JJ Asghar


Nov 7, 15:00

Marc Boorshtein

Tremolo Security

Nov 7, 16:00

Josh Kodroff


Nov 8, 11:00

Rynn Mancuso


Nov 8, 14:00

Jeremy Meiss


Nov 8, 15:00

Andrew Block

Red Hat

Nov 8, 17:00

Tim Banks


Nov 9, 12:00

Robert Sirchia


Demo Schedule 

Nov 7, 11:00

Josh Kodroff


Nov 7, 13:00

Chris Privitere


Nov 8, 11:00

Angel Ramirez


Nov 8, 13:00

Charles Treatman


Stop by and say hi!

Our team would love to meet you! We will have a host of Equinix experts at our booth ranging from Developer Relations, Engineers, SRE’s, and Talent Acquistion, so please, stop by Booth B18 with all your questions or come join us for demos, fireside chats, and raffles.

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