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What’s In the Sauce: Blockchain Infrastructure Building Blocks

Grace Andrews and Charlie Lane in conversation about all the things one needs to build a blockchain.

Headshot of Grace Andrews
Grace AndrewsSenior Manager, Content Marketing
What’s In the Sauce: Blockchain Infrastructure Building Blocks


Welcome to Beyond Digital. In this edition of the digital magazine and podcast series we explore blockchain. Last week, on the second episode of this edition of the series, our host Grace Andrews spoke with Austin Federa, of Solana Labs, about the shift toward embracing cryptocurrencies and what it means for individuals and global markets. That was after the first episode set the stage by attempting to explain the concept of blockchain in layman’s terms.

Here’s the third episode of Beyond Digital: Blockchain, in which Grace chats with Charlie Lane, senior solutions architect at Equinix Metal, about the basic infrastructure components that are necessary to build and run a blockchain—it turns out there are at least four types of blockchain, each with its own infrastructure components! Have a listen and don’t forget to read the latest issue of the Beyond Digital e-zine.

Published on

16 February 2022


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