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Ep. 13 Season 2

The World’s Strangest Librarian, Part 2.

Published: 20 Jul 2023
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Stylized image of episode 13: The world's strangest librarian, part 2

With nothing less than the future of our digitized history at stake, the final episode of Season 2 of Traceroute explores the threats and challenges the Internet Archive faces in the wake of its copyright infringement case. We are joined by Rebecca Tushnet, the Harvard Law professor who defended the Archive in the case, to discuss the potential fallout of the court’s ruling: are we moving towards a society where information is owned by an elite few and 'rented out' at a price? If so, do we risk manipulation of that information for the sake of profit? Or will we find among our archivists, preservationists, librarians, and even activists a person who can be responsible enough to be dubbed “The Arbiter of History?” Don’t miss the thought-provoking finale to Traceroute!

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