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Ep. 10 Season 2

The ancient as modern, again.

Published: 25 May 2023
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Stylized image of episode 10: The ancient as modern, again

Host Grace Ewura-Esi returns from a trip to Ghana, West Africa, with a new perspective on how technology helps us not only make new discoveries but gives old discoveries a new perspective. In this special episode featuring all three co-hosts in a fascinating discussion, Grace presents examples like Adinkra, the symbol-based language of the Ghana Empire. A form of communication based on various observations of and associations between humans and the objects they use, the associative nature of the language is one of the bases for block code that software engineers use today.

In addition, with the assistance of machine learning and artificial intelligence, ancient cultures are creating new visual representations of ancient gods for whom there were no depictions that lasted over the centuries. This same AI may even be used to help other nations, cultures, and tribes reconstruct missing portions of ancient languages and lost artifacts. It’s an episode that’s part mystery, part paradigm shift, and part digital archeology. As Grace puts it, “It’s the ancient as modern, again”

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