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Ep. 9 Season 2

The Kids are alright.

Published: 28 Aug 2023
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Stylized image of episode 9: The kids are alright

How do we prepare our kids for jobs that don’t exist? Studies show that technology is progressing at such a rapid pace that up to 85% of the jobs that will be available in 2040 have not been created yet. Will AI, ML, and hardware advancements create a society where careers we take for granted today won’t exist in the future?

In this episode featuring hosts Grace Ewura-Esi and Amy Tobey, Producer John Taylor puts a personal face on this idea through his 13-year-old daughter, Ella, who wants to be a chef when she grows up. Together, they explore this issue with Executive Chef-turned-Dell Computer Advocate Tim Banks, as well as employment attorney Michael Lotito, whose Emma Coalition seeks solutions to TIDE, the technologically induced displacement of Employment.

Between trips to fully-automated restaurants and the latest advancements in 3D food replication, we discover that Gen Z’s humanity may be their biggest asset in tomorrow’s job market.

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