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Key features

Specialized capabilities to supercharge your workloads

A Global Edge for All Networks That Matter

Equinix Metal is available in 31+ global metros and counting. Within each of those metros, it is placed in the facilities that host the “nerve centers” of all the networks and service providers that want to reach businesses and individuals there. Use Equinix to privately connect your applications to cloud providers, backhaul and last-mile networks locally to meet data sovereignty, latency and performance requirements.

Bare Metal aaS

Noisy neighbors and hypervisor performance overhead aren’t a thing on single-tenant hardware. Run applications where every bit of performance and latency matter on automated bare metal, managing it via a robust API and all the cloud-native tools you know and love. Cut operating costs with an as-a-service model and scale up or down as demand changes.

A Rich Set of Network Building Blocks and Controls

Choose from a list of powerful components to customize your network and optimize it for performance and cost, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking, BGP, Anycast, (true) BYOIP, direct links to peering exchanges, direct private onramps to all the major clouds and more.

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