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VMware SD-WAN Edge Instance

Establish a virtual PoP in any region of the world in minutes, enabling optimized and secure site-to-multicloud connectivity.

VMware SD-WAN Edge Instance
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In a nutshell…

  • VMware SD-WAN on Equinix Network Edge enables fast and optimized one-to-many connectivity between the user’s location and applications deployed by multiple cloud providers.
  • The cloud-delivered VMware SD-WAN™ simplifies how traffic is steered and provides bandwidth optimization for the branch or other remote sites without the complexity and efforts of MPLS.

Why we love it?

  • Zero-touch provisioning in minutes. WANs managed from the cloud: global visibility, remediation control. Fast scale: automation, outcome-driven policies, end-to-end analytics.
  • Easy cloud adoption with managed on-ramp to any cloud. Reduce latency to cloud workloads - no data center backhaul.
  • VMware SD-WAN simplifies WAN operations with a cloud delivery model that makes it easy to deploy and manage thousands of sites at once. 
  • Designed as a transport-independent overlay that can work across any combination of circuits to connect your locations to your applications.
  • Secure and scalable web-based central management tool for simplified configuration, provisioning, logging and reporting, and get real-time performance insights.

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