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Wasabi on Equinix Metal

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with Equinix Metal combines access to Wasabi’s cost-effective and high-performance public cloud object storage with best-in-class automation, network management and infrastructure operations.

Wasabi on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with Equinix Metal solves for a variety of important compute + storage use cases, including backup and recovery, data archiving, content delivery, surveillance, data analytics, application development, Internet of Things, and AI/ML.  In short, you can run any application in Equinix Metal compute and store application data in Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.
  • Many of Wasabi’s ten worldwide storage regions are co-located with Equinix Metal in Equinix Data Centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Toronto. This co-location ensures the optimal latency and performance for demanding compute + storage work interactions.

Why we love it

  • All Wasabi storage regions, including those not deployed in Equinix Data Centers are connected to Equinix Fabric. This connectivity provides the best performance and service reach when working with Equinix Metal compute resources. In addition, this connectivity ensures that there are no data egress charges between Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Equinix Metal compute.
  • It’s delivered 100% “as a service”, combining Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage with Equinix Metal’s cloud-like experience, with no upfront investment, allowing you to move faster, reach globally, and expand when ready.  This ‘as-a-service’ model provides instant availability – get started in minutes —not months—when compared to other approaches.
  • Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage combined with Equinix Metal is designed with data protection in mind as the solution provides the enhanced security with the dedicated network connectivity your business deserves.

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