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VMware Cloud™ on Equinix Metal® (VMC-E)

A fully managed, no-compromise cloud solution run by VMware on Equinix’s bare-metal-as-a-service located in proximity to prime business hubs.

VMware Cloud™ on Equinix Metal® (VMC-E)
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In a nutshell

  • VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal is a NEW Distributed Cloud Service to address the demands of latency-sensitive applications where performance, security and data locality are key drivers.

  • The service will combine VMware Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service with Equinix Metal hardware-as-a-service to extend customers’ cloud environments to distributed metro locations, satisfy business-critical performance demands at the edge and confidently preserve the integrity of enterprise workloads.

  • Customers will be able to purchase the software-as-a-service from VMware and the bare metal-as-a-service capacity from Equinix and it will be available globally.

Why we love it

  • VMware and Equinix deploy, provision, manage, and update full-stack multi-cloud resources, enabling customers to focus on higher-value business priorities.
  • VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal allows near real-time capacity adjustments that best help meet business requirements.
  • A fully managed cloud service delivered from multiple global locations that connects to Hyperscalers through a high-speed network fabric (Equinix Fabric), allowing customers to access the full-range of cloud-native IT services.
  • The global footprint of VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal locations ensure proximate, low latency access to densely populated ecosystems and IT services for a great user experience.
  • Localized data hosting on single-tenant cloud infrastructure helps customers meet government and industry-specific compliance requirements.
  • VMware Cloud multi-cloud software provides greater visibility into IT operations for better planning, control, and auditing purposes.
VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal is a fully managed solution by VMware (delivered, operated, managed, supported) with on-demand capacity and flexible consumption.
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