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SUSE Harvester

Simplify your infrastructure by consolidating your virtualized and container workloads with Harvester.

SUSE Harvester
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In a nutshell

  • Harvester is an open-source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution that is built on cloud-native technology including Kubernetes, Longhorn and Kubevirt. Harvester installs on bare metal server clusters and provides integrated virtualization and distributed storage capabilities and can help operators distribute virtual machine workloads anywhere from core to the edge.

Why we love it

  • The integration with Rancher gives IT operators an easy, comprehensive console to manage both Kubernetes clusters alongside their HCI workloads.
  • Simple to install, no licensing required and it doesn’t require any external SANs to operate
  • It’s built on open source cloud-native technology, is free and production ready
  • Harvester integrates with Tinkerbell giving the open source community a simple way to provision bare metal nodes at speed

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