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StorPool Storage on Equinix Metal

Use Equinix Metal servers to run StorPool’s pay-as-you-go, fully managed block storage software platform. Get scalable, reliable, fast, and low latency primary block storage in minutes/hours.    

StorPool Storage on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • Running StorPool’s data storage software on Equinix Metal servers quickly and easily converts them into high-performance, highly available, and cost-effective shared block-storage systems to power all your applications.
  • StorPool on Equinix is a highly effective solution for streamlining IT operations, improving application and database response times, and reducing time-to-market. It is ideal for storing and managing the data associated with primary block-level workloads, including: databases, VM disks, virtual desktops, core applications, and other mission-critical software.

Why we love it

  • Accelerate your most critical applications with the capability to achieve latency of under 100 microseconds and up to 100 million IOPS. 
  • Ensure your applications continue to perform no matter the burden on storage with latency staying steady up to 95% capacity utilization.
  • The StorPool storage system is a fully managed service, providing maintenance and support, along with deployment, monitoring, and alerts. It is in essence a Storage as a Service (STaas) on a “bring your own hardware” terms. Let your IT team focus on core business activities, which are ultimately your highest value-add. 
  • Keep costs under control by choosing a pay-as-you-grow model to scale your storage solution as needed without paying for extra capacity upfront. A flat per GiB stored cost can help to keep costs predictable and manageable, without needing to  guess about future capacity or performance requirements.
  • Achieve always-on operations. Eliminate downtime and maintenance windows. With the StorPool always-on storage system all painful traditional tasks - such as hardware maintenance, upgrade and hardware refresh cycles become a thing of the past. No more sleepless nights, weekends spent in the datacenter or painful upgrade notifications to tens, hundreds or thousands of users. 
A primary data storage platform build through software on Metal Servers

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