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ScaleDynamics on Equinix Metal

An enterprise-grade Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform for operating containers at scale on Equinix infrastructure.  

ScaleDynamics on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • Build your Equinix infrastructure in a few clicks without any DevOps infrastructure skills
  • Build, deploy, run, and manage your containers on Equinix quickly and easily

Why we love it

  • Reduce your DevOps Infrastructure Workload to zéro: ScaleDynamics offers a fully managed containers and cloud resources platform that handles infrastructure build and setup, container deployment and runtime management, URL management, certificates, and monitoring. No ramp-up time, no extensive knowledge of cloud infrastructure required. 
  • Bring down your cloud computing costs: ScaleDynamics provides the ability to identify over-provisioned cloud resources. Our dynamic scalability function recommends and moves your containers to more appropriately sized resources without performance disruption automatically. 
  • Speed-up your roadmap: Free-up your DevOps teams from repetitive cloud-related tasks, so they can focus on product development, innovation, and addressing the backlog.
  • Spend less time on using and learning about a cloud provider: ScaleDynamics works with all cloud providers, including Equinix, without requiring specific CSP training. You can create staging, pre-prod or production environments, provision your resources out-of-the-box in a few clicks and deploy immediately in one command line. You have the freedom to modify, roll back, change geographical regions and reduce overcapacity with maximum simplicity.
  • Lower the carbon footprint of your cloud activity: Get a precise estimate of the CO2-g equivalent emissions generated by each of your cloud resources. Observe and monitor all of your cloud carbon emissions.  Use the metrics and data provided to create CSR reports and carry out your CSR action plans.

ScaleDynamics CaaS provides a full-featured container management solution for all Equinix cloud infrastructures: public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.  No matter the architecture, DevOps infrastructure workload is always zero with ScaleDynamics.
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