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Manage the full lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters and containerized apps in a single easy-to-use operations platform.

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In a nutshell

  • Enterprise-grade Kubernetes operations: A SaaS-first Kubernetes Operations Platform that is deployed in minutes, not months
  • Day 1 and Day 2 lifecycle management of Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications in a single platform. Rafay delivers a production-ready Kubernetes Operations Platform that streamlines on-going operations as you scale

Why we love it

  • Designed For Platform & Ops/SRE Teams: The Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform gives enterprise platform teams a critical set of services needed to accelerate production-grade application modernization initiatives including: Multi-Cluster Management, GitOps Pipelines, Zero-Trust Access, K8s Policy Management, Backup & Restore, and Visibility & Monitoring
  • Deploys in Minutes. Realize all the benefits of the cloud including instant scalability, automatic updates and the lowest TCO for Kubernetes operations. Companies requiring air-gapped deployments for compliance and regulatory reasons can deploy the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform on-premises.
  • Zero-Trust Architecture: Rafay does not require inbound access to your Kubernetes clusters. Whether you are provisioning clusters, deploying apps, collecting health metrics, or kubectl’ing to clusters, there is no need to poke inbound holes in firewalls, or set up SSH access or reverse-tunnels. All user and system activity can be tied back to enterprise SSO systems and is enforced via role-based access control (RBAC) policies, and all actions are audited.
Single pane of glass operations to manage the lifecycle of all your Kubernetes clusters & modern applications
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