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pgEdge on Equinix Metal

A fully distributed PostgreSQL database delivering low latency and ultra high availability for applications across multicloud, multi-region and hybrid cloud environments.  

pgEdge on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • pgEdge is an open and fully Postgres based multi-master distributed database that makes it easy and cost-effective to build, deploy and run highly distributed applications across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.  
  • pgEdge on Equinix Metal combines a flexible and standards based distributed database architecture with industry leading network infrastructure and management from Equinix.

Why we love it

  • Multicloud and Hybrid-Cloud Applications: Deploy pgEdge database nodes across multiple cloud providers for cross-cloud applications and to address cloud concentration risk.
  • Ultra High Availability with a Fail-Resistant Architecture: The multi-master (active-active) architecture of pgEdge inherently supports ultra high availability. If one or more nodes go down traffic immediately fails over to the remaining active nodes so there’s no delay or lost transactions.
  • Low Latency and Improved End User Experience: Place copies of your database close to your users, greatly reducing the latency of long round-trip response times to a single database instance. Running on Equinix’s industry leading network infrastructure reduces latency even further.
  • Data Residency Compliance: Control which tables are globally replicated, ensuring global data is shared globally, while local data stays local in accordance with customer and regulatory requirements for data residency and data sovereignty.
  • Deploy on Equinix Metal and create distributed database clusters in minutes.

pgEdge Distributed PostgreSQL multicloud and hybrid-cloud architecture
Demo: See how simple it is to create a multi-master (active-active) cluster with nodes in any geographic region with pgEdge distributed PostgreSQL.
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