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Netris VPC Networking on Equinix Metal

Enable a cloud-like VPC Networking experience for your Equinix Metal Projects. Use Netris web console, Terraform, or Kubernetes to request Network resources. 

Netris VPC Networking on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell…

  • Netris enables a VPC networking experience beyond the cloud. It provides Elastic Load Balancers, V-Nets (virtual network), Gateways, NAT, DHCP, ACLs, BGP routers, SiteMesh (VPNs), and other essential and cloud-native network resources.
  • Netris brings a cloud-native self-service network model to your Equinix Metal project.

Why we love it?

  • The integration with Kubernetes allows for automatic deployment of LoadBalancer type services just like the cloud.
  • Refreshingly easy network services for Equinix Metal. Go beyond basic VLANs to provide robust VNETs, private routing, and site to site VPNs.
  • Cloud-like firewalling. Instead of having to set up netfilter tables for each individual host, Netris provides a firewall for all devices behind it, allowing simple access control rules and easy management of firewalling services.
  • No difficult routing rules. Netris automatically sets up BGP and routing services between sites and to and from the Equinix Metal network.

equinix-metal-intro from Alex on Vimeo.

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