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A full-stack cloud observability platform to debug issues and improve infrastructure and application performance.  

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In a nutshell

  • Middleware is a full-stack cloud observability platform designed to boost operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance user experience. 
  • It streamlines issue resolution for development and operations teams by consolidating metrics, logs, traces, and events onto a unified timeline. 

Why we love it

  • Deploy an end to end Observability solution on Equinix Metal, cutting out unnecessary egress costs from your Observability stack while increasing data security
  • Connect user behavior to infrastructure performance and application bottlenecks, reducing overall Mean Time to Resolution and boosting developer productivity.
  • Work with a fully managed service on Equinix Metal that is built for PiB level scale without spending a fortune to get there.
  • Helps developers improve efficiency with minimal resource usage to identify, understand, and fix issues across any cloud infrastructure.

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