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Ingest, transform, and deliver data in real-time from a converged data platform at the edge.

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In a nutshell

  • Macrometa’s mission is to make every developer a hero. Macrometa’s powerful yet simple serverless platform for data intensive, stateful edge applications is finding rapid adoption from cloud developers looking to build real-time data-driven apps.
  • Macrometa—build the impossible app.

Why we love it

  • It’s blazing fast with a 50ms P90 round trip response time, globally. Companies are able to surgically extend their existing infrastructure and bring their application closer to their end users, improving performance, user experience, while complying with global data governance laws.
  • It’s Serverless everything, so no glue code. Macrometa is a serverless, streaming NoSQL database, with integrated pub/sub and stream data processing. Create stateful functions for long running workloads and process data streams in real time.
  • It’s a converged platform that provides a seamless developer experience. Building globally distributed apps on a traditional cloud means having to deploy, standup, & manage over a dozen tools like K8s, Kafka, Spark, CockroachDB etc. With Macrometa everything you need to build real-time event driven apps is seamlessly integrated into a simple, yet powerful, developer experience.
Macrometa provides developers with a secure, global data platform for connecting, ingesting, transforming and serving data in real-time across systems, data centers, clouds & edge.

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