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Cubbit DS3 Composer on Equinix Metal

Be your own cloud storage provider in minutes. Cubbit DS3 Composer lets you build your own geo-distributed cloud platform: hyper-resilient, sovereign, 100% S3 compatible.  

Cubbit DS3 Composer on Equinix Metal
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In a nutshell

  • Cubbit DS3 Composer can be deployed on Equinix Metal via an intuitive interface. It allows Enterprises and MSPs to create (and offer) their own geo-distributed cloud object store across multiple Equinix sites in minutes, and to connect it to multi-cloud environments or at the edge. 
  • Cubbit DS3 Composer provides benefits of traditional cloud and on-prem storage. It can save on cost of ownership (TCO), hyper-resiliency, ransomware protection, data sovereignty.

Why we love it

  • Geo-distributed cloud storage: The combination of Cubbit DS3 Composer and Equinix bare metal servers unlocks the full power of geo-distributed cloud storage, solving sovereignty and compliance needs while providing hyper-resiliency against ransomware and disasters.
  • Single data domain: create a geo-distributed single data domain to manage your data in each environment, no matter where it is created and consumed (cloud, on prem, edge), while simplifying management and cybersecurity. No upfront infrastructure investment required.
  • Sovereignty: Data stored on Cubbit is encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across multiple Equinix Metal locations that you can choose via the SaaS control plane — data will never be stored in its entirety, protecting you from the Cloud Act. For full data sovereignty, you can geo-fence the area where your data is stored.
  • Security and double ransomware protection: thanks to object lock, versioning, IAM policies, encryption, and geo-distribution.
  • Zero trust: to get total privacy, use a private KMS to enable our zero-knowledge technology, and nobody else will have access to your data.

Cubbit can collect resources from everywhere, pool them together in a single data domain, and make it accessible through S3 gateways at the edge, in the cloud or core data centers.
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