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How to use Terraform with Equinix Resources

Learn how to provision Equinix infrastructure using Terraform

Version 0.1.0 was released on March 30, 2023 View changelog

What is it?

The Terraform on Equinix workshop is a hands-on overview of the official Terraform provider for Equinix. This workshop will give you an understanding of how to use Terraform to provision Equinix infrastructure that is easy to modify and maintain.

Why do we love it?

  • Hands-on: by creating and analyzing your own infrastructure, you will build a stronger understanding of Equinix and Terraform
  • DevOps standards: by learning about the standards we follow when developing Terraform modules, you will become more familiar with Terraform recommendations and best practices

How do you use it?

To learn more about the Terraform on Equinix workshop and get started on your Terraform journey, visit the workshop site.

Get support on the Equinix Metal Community Slack and Community Site.

Submit new feature requests on the Equinix Metal Roadmap.


Last updated

May 26, 2023




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