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SUSE K3S On Equinix Metal Terraform Module

Deploy SUSE K3S on Equinix Metal

Version v0.2.0 was released on 11 July, 2023 View changelog

What is it?

The terraform-equinix-metal-k3s module is an experimental Terraform module that automates the creation of a SUSE K3S cluster(s) on Equinix Metal.

Why do we love it?

  • Flexibility: With SUSE K3S on Equinix Metal, you have the flexibility to run your Kubernetes workloads on Equinix Metal.
  • Ease of Management: By using SUSE K3S on Equinix Metal, you can take advantage of Kubernetes operational tooling provided by SUSE Rancher, simplifying cluster operations and making it easier to manage your Kubernetes clusters across different environments with HA in a single metro or across multiple metros.
  • Performance:: Equinix Metal provides high-performance, low-latency bare metal infrastructure, which can be especially beneficial for latency-sensitive workloads or those requiring high levels of network throughput.

How do you use it?

Follow the steps in the "Usage" section to learn more about the terraform-equinix-metal-k3s module and get hands-on experience using it on Equinix Metal.

Get support on the Equinix Metal Community Slack and Community Site.

Submit new feature requests on the Equinix Metal Roadmap.

Last updated

21 May, 2024



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