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Kubernetes Addons on Equinix Metal
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Version v0.1.1 was released on 17 June, 2024 View changelog External link icon

Kubernetes Addons on Equinix Metal

Learn how to deploy Kubernetes addons on a Kubernetes cluster hosted on Equinix Metal

What is it?

The Kubernetes Addons Deployment on Equinix Metal workshop is a hands-on walkthrough of the process of provisioning a Kubernetes cluster with an addon on Equinix Metal.

Why do we love it?

  • Hands-on: By deploying an addon into a Kubernetes cluster, you will build a deeper understanding of Kubernetes on Equinix Metal and how one can easily add and leverage features into a containerized platform.

  • Demonstrates Kubernetes Integrations: Kubernetes excels as a platform for platforms, and so does Equinix Metal. The Kubernetes Addons demonstrated in this workshop, provided in the Terraform module, have been lightly configured to take advantage of Equinix Metal features with the support of Equinix Metal APIs.

How do you use it?

To learn more about Kubernetes on Equinix Metal and get started with Kubernetes, visit the workshop site.


The repository contains multiple independent modules, each with its own Terraform source code and a file detailing the module’s specific usage. These modules represent Kubernetes addons which add a diverse set of features to a Kubernetes deployment on Equinix Metal.

Explore the modules:

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12 July, 2024



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