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Use official Equinix Metal actions in your GitHub Actions workflows
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Version v0.1.0 was released on 19 July, 2023 View changelog External link icon

Use official Equinix Metal actions in your GitHub Actions workflows

Learn how to use custom GitHub Actions to provision real Equinix Metal infrastructure in your GitHub Actions workflows

What is it?

The GitHub Actions on Equinix Metal workshop is a hands-on walkthrough of configuring a GitHub Actions workflow that happens to take advantage of our pre-made Actions. Not only will you understand the setup and output of using GitHub Actions on Metal but you'll also gain exposure to handy tools you can use in addition to whatever custom Actions you may create.

Why do we love it?

  • Hands-on: by creating, running, and analyzing your own GitHub Actions workflow that uses on our official custom actions, you will build a deeper understanding of how use Equinix Metal effectively in your CI/CD processes on GitHub

How do you use it?

To learn more about the Equinix Metal GitHub Actions workshop and get started on your CI/CD journey, visit the workshop site.

Let us know about your experience with this project on the Equinix Community or Equinix Metal Community Slack.

Interested in other workshops? Let us know.

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12 July, 2024



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