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Cloud Provider Equinix Metal
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Version v3.8.0 was released on 05 February, 2024 View changelog External link icon

Cloud Provider Equinix Metal

Take your Equinix Metal hosted kubernetes clusters to the next level with the redundancy and load balancing you can only get via Cloud Provider Equinix Metal.

What is it?

Cloud Provider Equinix Metal (CPEM) is our implementation of the Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager. It integrates the Kubernetes Project and Equinix Metal APIs which enables the following:

  • High availability of your Kubernetes API Server by managing a floating elastic IP.
  • Configuring service load-balancing with kube-vip and MetalLB.
  • Provides metadata to enable advanced integrations with components from the Kubernetes ecosystem

It's easy to stand up a Kubernetes cluster on Equinix Metal with various 3rd party tools like k3s or kubeadm. But enabling load-balancing is always an important next step to get your cluster production ready. Don’t merely configure clusters with physical redundancy, ensure the supporting network architecture is ready to go for optimum performance and failover.

How do you use it?

See the instructions at the Cloud Provider Equinix Metal GitHub repo.

Let us know about your experience with this project on the Equinix Community or Equinix Metal Community Slack.

Interested in other Equinix API integrations with Kubernetes? Let us know.

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