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Unscalable Remote Hands

Halftone black and white image of Mo Moussa
Mo MoussaIllustrator, Equinix
Halftone black and white image of Roni Lagin
Roni LaginSenior Design Manager, Equinix
A cartoon-style illustration of a woman watching her male colleague setting up a chain reaction in the data center hall. He has set up three tables, each table having sequences of house-hold objects tied to a trigger: a cup, a bucket of balls connected to a thread with scissors, and a vintage alarm clock connected to a shoe kicking a bowling ball that rolls into a bowling pin that triggers a boxing glove to push an auxillary jack on the server. The woman says: I'm not sure this remote-hands machine is scalable.

Humor has a unique way of connecting people, closing the distance between differences. With Friday Funnies, we surface everything from the absurdities to the banal that happen in the digital landscape, and ground people in their shared experiences.

Published on

02 February 2024


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