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Our team of authors

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Headshot of Ada Ho

Ada Ho

Director, Global Customer Advocacy
Headshot of Adam Rothschild

Adam Rothschild

Director, Network Engineering
Headshot of Aleksandra Nadolski

Aleksandra Nadolski

Headshot of Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis

Headshot of Alex Williams

Alex Williams

Headshot of Alice Sowerby

Alice Sowerby

Program Director, Developer Relations
Headshot of Alison Gunnels

Alison Gunnels

Headshot of Allan MacGregor

Allan MacGregor

Software Engineer
Headshot of Amelia Chantarotwong

Amelia Chantarotwong

Senior Product Manager, Developer Relations
Headshot of Amy Tobey

Amy Tobey

Principal Software Engineer
Headshot of Amye Scavada Perrin

Amye Scavada Perrin

Headshot of Andy Holtzmann

Andy Holtzmann

Site Reliability Engineer, Delivery Engineering
Headshot of Andy Randall

Andy Randall

Headshot of Annette von Neudeck

Annette von Neudeck

Headshot of Ariel Jatib

Ariel Jatib

Headshot of Benjamin Jenkins

Benjamin Jenkins

Senior Principal Solutions Architect
Headshot of Bernardo Soares

Bernardo Soares

Senior Staff Engineer, Product Software
Headshot of Bill Blake

Bill Blake

Global Solutions Architect, Equinix
Headshot of Brian Wong

Brian Wong

Senior Global Account Executive
Headshot of Brian Stein

Brian Stein

Senior VP, Edge Infrastructure Services
Headshot of Carla Gaggini

Carla Gaggini

Headshot of Carlisle Huson

Carlisle Huson

Site Reliability Engineer
Headshot of Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior

Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior

Headshot of Carolina Reque Scheffer

Carolina Reque Scheffer

Headshot of Charlie Lane

Charlie Lane

Senior Solutions Architect
Headshot of Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

Headshot of Chris Short

Chris Short

Headshot of Chris Kane

Chris Kane

Systems Engineering Manager, Arista
Headshot of Cody Hill

Cody Hill

Field CTO
Headshot of Damaso Sanoja

Damaso Sanoja

Software Engineer
Headshot of Dan Finneran

Dan Finneran

Headshot of Dan Callao

Dan Callao

Technical Partner Marketing Manager
Headshot of Daniel Li

Daniel Li

Software Developer
Headshot of Daniel Olaogun

Daniel Olaogun

Software Engineer
Headshot of Daniel Lotterman

Daniel Lotterman

Principal Solutions Architect
Headshot of David Laube

David Laube

Senior Staff Software Engineer
Headshot of David Friend

David Friend

Headshot of Deborah Ruck

Deborah Ruck

Software Developer
Headshot of Dennis Irsigler

Dennis Irsigler

Headshot of Ed Vielmetti

Ed Vielmetti

Developer Partner Manager
Headshot of Ed Wehrwein

Ed Wehrwein

Site Reliability Engineer
Headshot of Eduardo Cocozza

Eduardo Cocozza

VP, Product Led Growth Marketing
Headshot of Emiliano Jankowski

Emiliano Jankowski

Senior Software Engineer
Headshot of Enkel Prifti

Enkel Prifti

Solutions Architect
Headshot of Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal

Headshot of Gema Gomez

Gema Gomez

Senior Engineering Manager, Systems Engineering
Headshot of George Karidis

George Karidis

VP, Equinix Metal Operations
Headshot of Gianna Davis

Gianna Davis

Product Marketing Senior Manager
Headshot of Golden Prifti

Golden Prifti

Senior Solutions Architect
Headshot of Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews

Senior Manager, Content Marketing
Headshot of Hippie Hacker

Hippie Hacker

Headshot of Hrittik Roy

Hrittik Roy

Software Engineer
Headshot of Ihab Tarazi

Ihab Tarazi

Headshot of Ivan Kahl

Ivan Kahl

Software Engineer
Headshot of Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

VP, Digital Services Strategy & Marketing
Headshot of James Konik

James Konik

Software Engineer
Headshot of James Leaverton

James Leaverton

Senior Manager, Partner Marketing
Headshot of James Hogle

James Hogle

Senior Associate Software Engineer
Headshot of James Walker

James Walker

Software Engineer
Headshot of Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Headshot of Jason DeTiberus

Jason DeTiberus

Headshot of Jason Powers

Jason Powers

Senior Director, Global Product Strategy
Headshot of Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks

Senior Director, Metal Customer Success
Headshot of JJ Asghar

JJ Asghar

Headshot of John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer

Principal Software Engineer
Headshot of Jordan Day

Jordan Day

Senior Staff Software Engineer
Headshot of Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus

Headshot of Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly

Manager, Technical Account Management
Headshot of Joshua Marks

Joshua Marks

Network Engineer
Headshot of Judy Williams

Judy Williams

Headshot of Kaley Gelineau

Kaley Gelineau

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
Headshot of Katie Norchi

Katie Norchi

Sales Enablement Specialist
Headshot of Kelsey Waters

Kelsey Waters

Senior Director, Operations
Headshot of Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria

Headshot of Leah DeTiberus

Leah DeTiberus

Headshot of Lian Li

Lian Li

Headshot of Linda Hemerik

Linda Hemerik

Senior Technology Program Manager
Headshot of Luca Salvatore

Luca Salvatore

Principal Network Architect
Headshot of Mandar Joshi

Mandar Joshi

Senior Manager, Product Management, Network Edge
Headshot of Marco Zacchello

Marco Zacchello

Global Principal
Headshot of Marie Starck

Marie Starck

Software Engineer
Headshot of Marino Wijay

Marino Wijay

Headshot of Mario Fahlandt

Mario Fahlandt

Headshot of Mark Quigley

Mark Quigley

Director, Equinix Metal Operations
Headshot of Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan

Senior Staff Engineer
Headshot of Marky Jackson-Taulia

Marky Jackson-Taulia

Headshot of Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

Director, Delivery Engineering
Headshot of Mdu Sibisi

Mdu Sibisi

Software Developer
Headshot of Melissa Palmer

Melissa Palmer

Independent Technology Analyst
Headshot of Michael Hsieh

Michael Hsieh

Manager, Commercial Solutions & Capacity
Headshot of Mike Mason

Mike Mason

Senior Software Engineer
Headshot of Miles Thomas

Miles Thomas

Product Manager - Cloud (Business)
Headshot of Mo Moussa

Mo Moussa

Headshot of Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman

Independent Software Engineer
Headshot of My Truong

My Truong

Field CTO
Headshot of Nathan Goulding

Nathan Goulding

Director, Bare Metal Architecture
Headshot of Nicholas Eberts

Nicholas Eberts

Headshot of Nicolai von Neudeck

Nicolai von Neudeck

Headshot of Noah Abrahams

Noah Abrahams

Headshot of Olivia Storey

Olivia Storey

Procurement & Logistics Lead
Headshot of Peter Coles

Peter Coles

Senior Manager, Digital Design
Headshot of Petrina Steele

Petrina Steele

Business Development Senior Director
Headshot of Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Senior Solutions Architect
Headshot of Philipe Ensarguet

Philipe Ensarguet

Headshot of Pierre-Alexandre Meyer

Pierre-Alexandre Meyer

Principal Software Engineer
Headshot of Rahul Rai

Rahul Rai

Independent Software Engineer and Writer
Headshot of Rajkumar Venkatasamy

Rajkumar Venkatasamy

Software Developer
Headshot of Ramiro Berrelleza

Ramiro Berrelleza

Headshot of Ravinder Braich

Ravinder Braich

Director, Bare Metal Solutions
Headshot of Rex Cerbas

Rex Cerbas

Headshot of Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Director, Business Development
Headshot of Roel Peters

Roel Peters

Data Generalist
Headshot of Roni Lagin

Roni Lagin

Senior Art Director
Headshot of Roshan Kumar

Roshan Kumar

Principal Product Manager
Headshot of Ross Fairbanks

Ross Fairbanks

Headshot of Ryan Staatz

Ryan Staatz

Systems Architect at LogDNA
Headshot of Sam Machiz

Sam Machiz

Director, Equinix Metal Solutions
Headshot of Sam Tresler

Sam Tresler

Headshot of Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams

Headshot of Shelby Spees

Shelby Spees

Site Reliability Engineer
Headshot of Shelby Lindsey

Shelby Lindsey

Director, Network Service Engineering
Headshot of Shweta Saraf

Shweta Saraf

Head of Edge Infrastructure Engineering
Headshot of Sidney Miller

Sidney Miller

Headshot of Sooter Saalu

Sooter Saalu

Data Engineer
Headshot of Stephen Fox Jr.

Stephen Fox Jr.

Staff Engineer, Product Software
Headshot of Steve Smyser

Steve Smyser

VP, Equinix Metal Finance & Commercial Solutions
Headshot of Steve Martinelli

Steve Martinelli

Director, Developer Relations
Headshot of Suresh Pichai

Suresh Pichai

Headshot of Tade Odunlami

Tade Odunlami

Sr. Business Operations Analyst
Headshot of Thinus Swart

Thinus Swart

Software Engineer
Headshot of Thom Crowe

Thom Crowe

Headshot of Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen

Digital Marketing Senior Specialist
Headshot of Tim Banks

Tim Banks

Headshot of Tim Davis

Tim Davis

Headshot of Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Principal Network Architect
Headshot of Tracy P. Holmes

Tracy P. Holmes

Headshot of Treva Nichole Williams

Treva Nichole Williams

Headshot of Ty Gibbons

Ty Gibbons

Creative Producer
Headshot of Usue Aguirre

Usue Aguirre

Product Manager
Headshot of Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh

Writer and Software Engineer
Headshot of Yevgeniy Sverdlik

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

Headshot of Zac Smith

Zac Smith

Global Head, Edge Infrastructure Services
Headshot of Zev Weiss

Zev Weiss

Senior Linux Kernel Developer
Headshot of Zoë Allen

Zoë Allen

Marketing & Events Coordinator
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