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Ep. 3 Minisodes

Meet Fen Aldrich.

Published: 20 Apr 2023
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Stylized image featuring Fen Aldrich

Grace introduces one of the central themes of Season 2: how the physical layers of our digital world interact with the human layers of the stack. We then are introduced to Fen Aldrich, who explains his role at Equinix as a Developer Advocate…and how their hair color (“Absinthe”) is a reflection of their arts & technology background - from music theory to hardware infrastructure. Fen expresses how they resonated with episode 3 of Season 1, “Network,” and how they related to the connections in infrastructure. We then hear a quote from Jack Waters from that episode, explaining how the early days of infrastructure were designed to change the way we communicate.

Grace then discusses how the history of technology is about interconnection. It’s the key to more powerful and inclusive tech. Fen & Grace conclude with a talk discussing what topics they’d like to see covered in Season 2: With an over-arching theme of the human aspects of tech, Fen hopes to discover the “fingerprints” in what we’ve built. How do you preserve the Internet? What is “Digital Anthropology” and how is it applied to hardware infrastructure?

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