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Ep. 7 Season 1

Light as the Cloud, heavy as a server.

Published: 24 Mar 2022
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Stylized image featuring Amir Michael

Hardware is the invisible skeleton of the Internet. Not only has it given us access to the world's base of knowledge, but with the cloud, a seemingly infinite storage space for files. Of course, the cloud is neither ethereal nor located in the air: it's a massive network of huge data centers. And running these facilities sustainably while innovating hardware to keep up with demand is one of the great technological challenges of our time. In the final episode of Traceroute, we take a closer look at hardware and why its advancement is crucial to the development of the internet. Joined by our guests Amir Michael, Rose Schooler, and Ken Patchett, we explore the synergy of software and hardware in data center services and its effects on the connected world.

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