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Workload optimized

Ready to scale? Let's get you the right hardware for the job.

Tap into a portfolio of specialty configs, optimized for key workloads and available on contract in any market

Hi, I'm Golden.

As a solutions engineer in a long time hardware nerd, I know how expensive it is to deploy infrastructure at scale.

That's why I'm not surprised when customers want to move beyond our stock servers to squeeze out every last drop of performance at the lowest cost.

That's where our Workload Optimized configs come in.

I like to call it our "secret menu".

Here's how it works.

In addition to our standard on demand options, you can choose from a growing list of optimized configs with extra RAM, special disk options, or add-ons like GPU cards.

Each Workload Optimized config is tailored for a different use case, so you can find the right machine quickly.

Ready. Set. Scale.

And of course, you can still use the automation that I know you depend on every day, so you don't have to adjust any of your tooling.

Workload optimized servers are available with a 12 month contract.

You can be up and running in any Equinix Metal location in 45 days or less, usually much faster.

Want a taste test before you order? We'll help you run a trial in our Dallas metro.

If your workload is hungry for something special, take a look at our secret menu.

I think you'll find just the right thing to order.
And no, you can't get fries with that.

Equinix Metal offers a curated list of bare metal configurations that fit most use cases: big and small compute, high memory, storage-heavy, and the like. However, at scale, we find that our clients want to tweak what's on the shelf and start wrapping the hardware around their software.

This is why we created the Workload Optimized lineup: a growing collection of configurations that are designed to tackle the most challenging workloads.

Based on our standard platforms, Workload Optimized configs feature extra RAM, disk, or special features like GPUs. They’re available in all markets with a commitment of 12 months or longer.

Want to kick the tires? We’ve got a lab in Dallas to help you try before you buy.

Interested in Workload Optimized?