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Tinkerbell OSS

Provision and manage bare metal, anywhere

Tinkerbell is the bare metal provisioning engine at the heart of Equinix Metal. We open sourced it in 2020 to help expand and mature the ecosystem around bare metal automation. It is currently a sandbox project with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

See Tinkerbell Fly

What makes Tinkerbell unique?

Standardize infrastructure and application management using the same API-centric, declarative configuration and automation approach pioneered by the Kubernetes community.

Why Open Source?

Automating bare metal is fundamental to what Equinix Metal does, but it's not really what customers pay us for. They mainly value our operational expertise, global reach, sustainability investments, global network and interconnected ecosystems.

How to get involved

Tinkerbell is built in the open and features a growing community that contributes nearly 50% of the code. All are welcome to join weekly community calls and participate in planning, feature development, and more.

Visit or join us on Slack and navigate to the #tinkerbell channel for more information.