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Kubernetes support

When one size doesn't fit all

Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the substrate upon which our digital world is built, helping to make workloads more portable, reliable and scalable than ever before.

Getting Close to the Metal

Kubernetes was born from Google’s experience running applications at truly spectacular scale. And like most things at scale, you want as few layers between the hardware and the software as possible.

The problem? Despite its promise of portability, running Kubernetes on physical or heterogeneous infrastructure has been a headache for the last few years, requiring more know-how or time than most users were willing to give.

Integrated, Through and Through

As a partner-first company, we put our stake in the ground early and decided not to build a managed Kubernetes service. Instead, we’ve doubled-down on integrating with core Kubernetes projects (such as Cluster API, Cloud Controller Manager, and Autoscaler), leaned in where gaps existed (MetalLB and Kube-vip) and worked to create a robust ecosystem of Kubernetes partners that are validated on Equinix Metal.

From Google’s Anthos, VMware’s Tanzu, Microsoft / Kinvolk’s Lokomotive, and AWS EKS Anywhere to solutions by Rancher, Mirantis, Canonical, or Rafay you’ll find Equinix Metal is a 1st-class target for your Kubernetes workloads. So whether you’re deploying on AWS in Ashburn, GCP in Jakarta or Equinix Metal in São Paulo, you can take advantage of the promise of Kubernetes on the infrastructure of your choice.

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