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Global Network

Carrier Grade, Developer Friendly

Connecting is at the center of what we do. We designed our network to be both powerful and programmable.

Checking the boxes

Sane egress fees

We’re in the business of helping you connect to your users, so we pair outstanding quality with reasonable pricing. Our default rate for traffic leaving our network is $0.05/GB, and we offer competitive bulk rates for commits.

Layer 3 topology

We designed our network with a full Layer 3 topology to increase performance and flexibility. Extend Layer 2 with our powerful VXLAN capability.

Native dual stack (IPv4/IPv6)

We support both IPv4 and IPv6. Just remember: they aren't making more v4 address space, so at some point IPv6 is going to rule! ?

Elastic addressing

Need some magic, floating IPs? Request them on a per-facility basis and assign them programmatically to your infrastructure. No more waiting for DNS!

Backend networking

Each Equinix Metal project includes backend (non-routable) IP address space for direct server to server communication over an easy to use private network. Backend traffic within a metro is free.

Global backend transfer

Extend your private backend transfer setup across our global facilities. Customers can use the same secure 'backend transfer' approach to communicate across locations. Backend transfer traffic between metros is charged at $0.03 / GB

Beyond the basics

Local & Global BGP

Power your dynamic, resilient infrastructure using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), either within an Equinix Metal facility (local) or across many facilities (global). Note: Global BGP requires your own AS, whereas Local BGP does not.

BYO IP Space (Custom AS)

We support 'Bring Your Own' IP space (/24 or larger block), so you can leverage your own AS instead of Equinix Metal IPs. We can suggest reputable IP brokers if you are in the market!

Global Anycast IPs

The magic of an elastic IPv4 address, but flexible across our global data centers. Useful for Anycast scenarios when you don't have your own AS to announce.

Hybrid Bonded

Enable a highly available “bonded” setup that supports both Layer 2 and Layer 3 modes at the same time.

Dedicated Tunnel mode

With our “Dedicated Tunnel” networking mode, you can create a transparent QinQ (aka 802.1q Layer 2 tunnel) connection between a dedicated Fabric port and a Metal instance.

Metal Gateway

Want to simplify network connectivity for subnet traffic on Metal? We'll automatically provision a gateway for servers deployed from a Public or Private IPv4 subnet (/25 to /29) block.

Equinix Fabric

Seamlessly create private, secure and low-latency connections to thousands of partners using Equinix Fabric

Interested in costs? Check out our global pricing

Type Cost
Outbound Internet Traffic $0.05 / GB
Backend Transfer (within a metro) $0.00 / GB
Global Backend Transfer (between metros)  $0.03 / GB
Elastic IPs $0.005 / hour or $3.60 / month.
No additional inbound traffic charges.
Global Anycast IPs $0.15 / hour or $108 / month.
Additionally, inbound traffic is charged at $0.03 / GB.

Looking to scale? We do bulk commits on contract. Let’s talk.