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Networking Features

Lower the barrier to enter new markets or scale existing solutions with pre-deployed infrastructure at Equinix.

Key Capabilities

Access to Equinix Fabric

Privately connect your virtual network device to all leading cloud providers, network service providers and other service providers.

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Device Linking

Pass traffic directly between virtual devices. e.g. Route traffic through your virtual firewall before reaching your SD-WAN device.

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Global Availability

Deploy virtual network devices in 25+ major metros across the globe.

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Use cases

Multicloud Routing

Privately connect between cloud providers to minimize latency for maximize application performance.

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Branch to Cloud SD-WAN

Extend your branch to the cloud, configure in the locations you need and start connecting to clouds you require.

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Streamline Network Integrations

Securely add acquired site networks to your corporate network.

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Tech specs

Access your device directly with SSH user

Set-up direct access to your virtual devices.

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Open command-line interface access

Customize routing directly in command-line interface with NAT and route filtering.

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Bring your own connectivity

connecting your virtual device to your network service provider.

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VPN Tunnels

Each site-to-site tunnel includes an IPsec tunnel with 256-bit encryption and can reach many remote sites or locations.

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Automated deployment

Of virtual devices via APIs and Terraform templates.

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Architecting for resiliency

Fault-tolerant solutions that you can achieve using Network Edge.

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Clustering and device linking

Connect devices together and pass traffic directly between any devices.

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  • Sign up for your Fabric account to access your 14 day no obligation trial. What this trial enables you to do: Select and deploy up to two fully functioning 2 small single devices (or 1 redundant pair, or 1 cluster device are supported). Deploy devices in any metro locations where Network Edge is supported. Use SSH or Web-based Console to customize your devices at the CLI level. Up to 4 Virtual Connections are available to interconnect devices (Device Link) and/or Cloud destinations. Try out other services such as VPN, tunnels or BGP. Pass traffic directly between clouds or back to your remote environments. Upload or download data securely from the cloud. Bring Your Own Connection (BYOC) is not available for the trial.

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